Hello, My name is Stacie. I bought my son a netbook for christmas. The OS is windows CE. i downloaded a separate OS to a flash drive but can not figure out how to open it on the netbook. all of the sites he normally uses for education, he can not access on the netbook (abc mouse, zac browser, star fall, zac picto). he is autistic and i want him to be able to access what he needs on his pc. HELP
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  1. Hello sdwyatt;

    What is the make and model of the 'Netbook?

    What 'separate OS' did you download?
    It might not (probably will not be) compatible with the hardware in the WinCE 'Netbook.
  2. It is a sylvania kids netbook. i downloaded some childrens' OS. i completely forgot what it was. what OS would you reccomend?
  3. Need exact model of the netbook. What exactly is "some children's OS"? To get to any real websites you'd need Linux or Windows to run on that. Linux is free, but you'd probably need local help installing it.
  4. you should really try the new Macbook air that was released June 2012. You wouldnt have any of these issues from the start.
  5. kbafewx said:
    you should really try the new Macbook air that was released June 2012. You wouldnt have any of these issues from the start.

    Hi :)

    Apart from taking out a mortgage for the Mac.... 2 different ends of the price spectrum here...

    All the best Brett :)
  6. Sugar Creation Kit is the name of the file. i saved it to a jump drive
  7. Definitely not buying an 11 year old autistic boy a Macbook. He just needs something to surf the net and play his games on. good idea for me though lol
  8. Get a used laptop from craigslist, make sure you test it first, you can find a pretty good model for under $200 that will run almost anything. For about $100 you can get a decent Pentium 4 or Pentium M bases system, while not a dual-core, will run web games OK as long at it has at least 1 gig of RAM. 2 gig is a lot better though.

    A cheap new netbook for $200 is almost useless for anything involving games or high-def video.
  9. @Hang-the-9 he likes to surf youtube,, abcmouse, zacbrowser, and zac picto. only thing that works on his netbook is youtube. i definitely have to invest in him a new netbook. what do you think about the android OS?
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    Android is good, but if you want real support for web applications get Windows or Linux, with Windows being the best. Or can easily have the same issues. Buying something cheap 3 times over will be more expensive than getting one thing that works.
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