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I Got a Toshiba pro L300 laptop for some reason it came with its own head ache "the bios power on password" which i don't know and i am hoping to pass through it with your help so tell me what to do people and thank you in advance.

oh by the way i tired to remove the cimos battery and reinstoled it the password is still there i also thought of using the loop back method but it ant applicable for this model.

how do i getred of the power on password password then??
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  1. I don't know what you mean by loop back method.

    Pulling the CMOS battery is the primary way to clear the password, if possible. The only other way I know of is to (if you have a phoenix BIOS) to use a recovery disk for phoenix BIOSs that will erase such a password.

    Other than that, it can't be done...for all practical purposes.

    I don't know where everyone is getting all these notebooks with passwords already on them...this seems to be a suddenly common problem.
  2. i tred removing cmos battery but it stell ant working but how would i know my laptop is embaded with phoenix bios and were do i get that cd!!

    thank you in advance

    ^That will tell you what you need to know to perform the recovery, but you need to find out if you have a Phoenix BIOS first. Consider asking the manufacturer and/or googling it.
  4. Danken i think i got what i am looking for i will put it in to practice first thing in the morning and i will let you know.

    thank you showcase
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