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I recently bought a Logitech QuickCam Messenger, brought it home and installed the software on the CD it came with. However I'm having problems with the 'found new hardware' wizard that pops up when I plug in the webcam. I'm not really sure what it's looking for, So it seems I'm missing a couple of steps.

Anyone with one of these cameras and has successfully installed it, help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Well NightTimeTelly I am not sure what OS you use but if it is Vista I have good news because I can help you with your QuickCam.
    I see post after post on the Mic/soft & logitech forums as well as on google search made by people who say that the can't get their QuickCam Messenger and their QuickCam IM to register under Vista.
    Logitech say that neither cameras are supported under vista and Mic/soft say the same.
    They also say the same about my process of getting these devices to work.
    But I can asure it does work without any adverse effects what so ever and if you follow the steps correctly you will have your QuickCam Messenger/IM working on Vista in no time at all.
    It is a little bit involved but if you know how to download and install programs you should have no trouble

    NOTE: DURING THE QUICKCAM INSTALATION DO NOT UNPLUG THE QUICKCAM EVEN THOUGH IT TELLS YOU TO. Leave it plugged in from the beginning in step 1)to the end in step 11)

    1) To install QuickCam IM on Vista First download Logitech drivers qc848enu & qc1050 and
    Unpack the qc848 & qc1050 drivers to seperate folders on your desktop with Win rar, but leave
    the qc1100 as it is because it wont unpack like the other two anyway.

    2) Then plug in your QuickCam and vista will try but not be able to install the drivers.This action is necessary because now QuickCam IM will show up in the Hardware Manager as an Unknown device.

    3) Now go to Hardware manager and click on Imaging device or Unknown device in the list and
    select update drivers.

    4) Point it to the unpacked qc848 driver and /find the Driver folder/then the Win New folder/then the IM folder and click OK.

    5) Vista will say that it it found the drivers but could not install them properly because it could not find a specific item/object or file. I think it faults here when it can't find SP1 or SP2,because they are not vista files."But it has partly installed the drivers". When this happens click exit setup and get out of the Logitech install program.

    6) Then you need to go back to Hardware Manager and once again click on the Unknown device
    and once again update the driver only this time click on Let me Browse my Computer for Driver

    7) When the next Box appears choose Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my
    computer and "BINGO" you will see QuickCam IM in the list.

    8) Now click on Have Disk and point it to the unpacked qc1050 drivers and Browse to the Driver Folder double click on it and then open the X32 Folder double click on it and then open the IM Folder.

    9) Click on the IvPEPIc.inf file and choose open then click on OK.

    10) Then Magically Vista will give you a list of Logitech drivers to install.Choose the one for the QuickCam IM or QuickCam Messenger and Vista will tell you that it is not a vista driver but click OK anyway and it will install the working driver.

    11) Then go back to the folder whith the latest qc1100 driver & software download and install it BUT PLEASE NOTE: DURING THE QUICKCAM INSTALATION DO NOT UNPLUG THE QUICKCAM EVEN THOUGH IT TELLS YOU TO. Leave it plugged in from the beginning in step 1)to the end in step 11).When it is finished installing drivers and software and finishes the setup process reboot the PC.
    When it reboots you will have your QuickCam IM installed with the latest Drivers & Software working on

    NOTE: If you are lucky sometimes you do not need to do step 4) & you can go straight to
    step 6) but this has only happened to me once so to be safe do all the steps and the
    QuickCam IM will work on Vista.
  2. Where could I download the unpacked drivers? I find the .exe files only. Thanks for help.
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