Transfer whole HD to new one?

I have a HD going bad on my desktop. It contains all the usual drivers for the motherboard, printers, etc. plus windows and my files. The drivers are my point. I can handle Windows and my files. How can I copy ALL from the old HD to my new HD? Or is there a location within Windows that holds all the drivers? If I can find that, I can copy that before I tear down the computer and install the new HD and Windows. Thanks for your time.
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  1. If your just wanting to copy drivers then there is no place where they are all at , but if you want to copy everything that's on the hard drive then you can make an image of the hard drive and have that image coppied to the new hard drive.

    Control panel > system and security > backup and restore , on the left pane you will see an option to create a system image and you will have the option of where to save it.
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