Dell Inspiron 1318 USB Question.

I bought a Inspiron 1318 in FEB 2009. Now I just bought a Vantech Lapcool 5 and when I plug it in the USB port of the Laptop I get a pop up that says that "This device will work faster if I plug into a 2.0 USB port." I thought this laptop had 2.0 USB ports. Now I did reformat the hard drive. On my older Inspiron 6000 I had to reinstall the Chipset Driver to get the faster USB ports and I tried that with the Inspiron 1318, I still get the popup. How can I get the faster ports? Or is it the Vantech lapcool 5 that is causing the promlem. The Vantech is the only device that causes the popup. Also how can I check to see what my port config. is?

Thanks for any help.

Flux Cobalt
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  1. Since its just a cooling pad, it may only have power leads and no data leads. That may be what the machine is griping about. I wouldn't worry about it.
  2. Well the cooling pad has USB ports and when I plug my game pad or mouse into it, the computer does not recognize the device.
  3. Likely because the cooling pad uses and unpowered USB hub for those devices.
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