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I've always wanted an alienware... but their prices have always been ubsurd for my needs, and i can't tone down the specs for my need to make the laptop cheaper. However, i recently have been able to start finding "last months" models of the alienware area-51 m15x (the one i'd be interested in) on ebay... people selling them, maybe even brand new in box, with good feedback ratings, cheaper, and the specs that i might get in a newer hp or something.

my question is... ebay has been known to have some great deals and trash deals, like NEVER buy airsoft stuff off ebay, everything is junk... but what about the computers? is it a mistake even thinking about buying them off ebay? getting the chance to have an affordable alienware would be so awesome.

Thanks for your time :D
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  1. I've never bought anything off ebay - but I can say that buying an Alienware isn't the best choice for you. Clevo/Sager computers are much better performing at much better prices. Consider some of them, first.

    Although, if you want an Alienware, I guess there's no price for that..
  2. Buying a loptop off of ebay? Good Luck! you get what you pay for.

    Clevo/Segar are very good options.
  3. clevo? hmm... in my month or so of research i haven't heard of em. I'll check them out.

    and yeah, i;m not that desperate for an alienware. lol. i'd probably be better off with a sager or hp.
  4. Clevo doesn't actually sell notebooks to consumers, so you won't find them. However, if you go to Sager, you'll find several notebooks that are incredibly similar to what many other companies (XoticPC, killernotebooks, Eurocom) sell - they're all Clevo notebooks, just configured differently.
  5. that's the impression that I'm getting. the clevo websight didn't seem to get me anywhere... but having an alienware would still be awesome.

    I'm thinking, if the computer is new, in box, the guys feed back rating is good, and most of these computers have a year or more of waranty left.

    I can find computers on ebay that are perfect for my needs, and a good price.
  6. Another question I have. I'm a little unsure on where to buy/ the compatability of purchasing a new graphics card for laptops, namily the alienware m15x. is it possibly to buy an upgraded graphics card to install myself? where could i get one?

    That's the only place I know of, but you must understand you have very, very slim chances of being able to do so.
  8. wow, that's sure going to be a lot harder then i think it is.
    i think i'll try taking a computer building class or somthing like that through my community college and letting the warranty run down before attempting a feat like that.
    but hmm... sounds like a challange, the m15x is on the list of MXM... maybe i'll try it some day if my only option for a computer has a less-then-par video card.
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