Hard-Drive Works on 1 PC, But Not The Other?

Recently, I took it upon myself to purchase new hardware for my PC! :D. I D-BAN'd my hard-drive from my old computer that I was using, so I could start 'fresh' with my new hardware.

Old Specs:
Pentium 4 @ 3.2ghz
2.5 GB DDR 1
Nvidia 8600 GT

New Specs:
i5 3570k @ 3.4 ghz
Radeon 5770 HD
Asrock Z77 Extreme-4 (no IDE connections)

New PC:
shows hard-drive in BIOS, but isn't shown during installation of any OS. (Fedora Linux Red hat, Windows 7, Windows xp, mini xp)
Therefore unable to install OS with new PC.

Old PC:
Hard-drive works fine with OLD PC, and allows/detects hard-drive during installation of an OS.


I'm using a Western Digital Caviar-Blue 500GB hard-drive using SATA, not IDE. Installed Windows 7 on the hard-drive after the D-BAN on my old computer. Boots up fine on the old computer. Then installed it in my new PC and it won't boot, saying that there is a start-up failure. So I decided to put the windows 7 disk in to run startup repair, however that failed and did not do anything.

Installed Linux Fedora Redhat with my old PC to delete all partitions on the disk. Transferred the hard-drive to the new PC with the Linux OS; did not boot/recognize hard-drive.

I was finally able to have Windows 7 installation show my hard-drive through the 'Repair' option, but not through the actual INSTALLATION of the OS itself. Windows Repair found no problems with the hard-drive.

** When trying to INSTALL Windows 7 on the New PC, Windows feeds the error code: 0xE0000100.

I've tried to Google possible solutions, but they seem to be of no luck, as most people are having this issue with only one computer, and they have a dual-boot on the disk, which I do not.
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  1. I would suggest going into the bios on your new computer and set the hard drive controller mode to IDE. The early SATA hard drives didn't support AHCI, which is todays default.
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