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hey guys how do i burn dvds from blockbuster....it wont let even let me write them to the hard drive or anything!! is there ne software to bypass their block or something along those lines?
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  1. Some thing tells me that is not legal, and perhaps your not supposed to do be able to do that?

    I will say, some 3rd party software claims to be able to burn copy protected movies.
  2. That in store deal for $20/month 3 at a time was sweet!

    I must have "watched" 9-12 dvd a day. 8)
  3. Quote:
    I must have "watched" 9-12 dvd a day. 8)

    Hehe, good one. :lol:

    Those DVD's are copy protected, and it's not just blockbuster that does this. Most DVD's on the market are copy protected. Yes it is illegal to make copies of those DVD's, but there is supposed to be third party software to do it.

    I advise against it though. Save yourself some hefty fines and possible jail time and just buy the damn DVD's. 8)
  4. The FBI & MPAA are looking for you.
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