Computer Keeps on Freezing while Playing Games

Help!My computer keeps on freezing everytime i keep on playing league of legends i ussually started playing 9 am in the morning and it happened 5pm the game freeze so i hard restart then again i tried to open the game it crashed in 3-10 seconds it never happened before i tried to download my graphic cards software and the screen freeze's and the mouse and keyboard doesn't work and i can hear weird sounds on the headphone like brrrnggggg
yes its old system here's the specs
For DA Mainboard:
For da Memory:
For Da GRaphics:
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  1. Agreed, have a look at your temperatures, you could be overheating your system.
  2. Well..the system gets freeze due to the problems related to graphics. Sometimes when it gets over heated, it gets turned off abruptly to save the hardware form getting burn.
  3. Need to make sure you're cooling is perfect, free of dust etctera. Give all heatsink fins a good clean and blow dust out of fanblades
  4. that's more likely dodger46. if it runs for so long 9am-5pm playing games, often it is just a lot dust blocking air flow on your heatsink
  5. dodger46 said:
    What are your Temps. like?
    What is the solution for overheating ?
  6. StephenFrancis said:
    dodger46 said:
    What are your Temps. like?
    What is the solution for overheating ?

    Hi, Stephen, and welcome to Tom's Hardware. Best to start your own thread and ask a question on the CPU Forum which deals with overheating/cooling
    You'll find it here
    Report your problem, and tell us about your PC, list it's components.
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