Consumer Electronics Show 2007

2007 will be the year of High-Def. See how it will impact your life. Join us on the show floor.
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  1. this article says its the first HD HDD camcorder....and thats just bullshit.

    What about the sony SR1....thats been out for almost a year, FUCKING AWEOMSE REPORTING TOMS!!!!
  2. rotfl!!!!!!

    ps. ehhh SHUT DOWN!!!!
  3. Well as I see it whomever wrote this article is regurgitating PR without knowing what the mfr is trying to say.

    You're right the SR1 (widely available everywhere) which I almost bought before heading to OZ for Xmas (also considered the Canon), bestbuy has been selling them for a while;


    But I think what the mfr and thus the author was trying to say was that this is the first FULL 1080i 1920x1080 HDD camera, Canon doesn't do a consumer HDD model yet, and since the Sony is 1440x1080, then technically this is the first full 1080i HDD camera.
  4. I don't understand quad HDTV??
    2160p? I didn't think that was a HDTV standard?
    Will there ever be aquad HDTV cabe tv? Or ever have a quad HDTV movie on HD DVD? Even a quad HDTV camcorder?
    I think I missed something.
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