Looking for better alternative of Zune and Ipod

I am looking for a hard drive-based (20-40GB) portable multimedia player which combines almost all the features of Microsoft Zune (large widescreen, bluetooth, though only zune-zune), Apple Ipod (nothing special to mention, you all know) and Creative Zen-V plus (colorful life!).

I know it is a bit difficult to find or recommend something for which i am looking for, but here at this forum, many people own a media player and are of different varieties. My budget is $250-$300, it doesn't a matter for me if the unit has nothing like Zune marketplace or apple i-tunes store, but is a plus if the system has.

I was thinking about buying the zune, but zune doesnot support many wide varieties of file format like mpg,avi,divx,aac/aac+ etc. Ipod has no widescreen and bluetooth/Wilan.

If u people think that still zune/ipod/zen v plus is the way to go, do recommend. but i need a full featured multimedia player (audio-video-pictures and many more, if possible!!!)
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  1. Ceative Zen Vision.M is your best bet. he only thing you're missing is the Wi-Fi, but that doesn't do diddly with the Zune at the moment.
  2. yeah zen vision:m is really good if you can compare the screens side by side to an ipod :).
  3. i'd reccomend the archos 404-604 series.. They are great, players and have bigger screens. And they aren't bulky like the vision-m. You should check them out your self, play around with em, see which one personally suits you.
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