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I recently installed Win XP Pro on my home PC. Currently it is a dual boot with XP and 2000 pro. My problem is that whenever I try to start OE6 it takes forever. I am talking anywhere from 30 -- 90 seconds. This doesn't happen while I am in the Admin account just my limited user accounts. Does Anyone have any ideas as to what is causing this? I could not find anything at microsoft's site and this is really annoying me. Thanks for you help
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  1. Perhaps the WinXP troubleshooting section on BT Villarin's <A HREF="" target="_new">website</A> can help. He has a tip listed for when Outlook Express takes a long time to load.


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  2. Thanks Toey! I'll copy and paste it, though, for the reason in my sig.

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    <b>Note: Backup Registry beforehand!</b>
    This is more than likely because you have removed MSN Messenger from your system. To fix the problem, run "Regedt32.exe" and search for: {FB7199AB-79BF-11D2-8D94-0000F875C541}. Change the InProcServer32 and LocalServer32 default key to an empty string. I personally haven't tried this, because 1. I don't use OE, and 2. when I did open it, it wasn't slow at all.
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    I did a search, because I only have one possible solution on my site. I came up with the following for now:
    <A HREF="" target="_new">Fix OE slow load time without editing the registry</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Get rid of MSN Messenger and OE slow load time</A>

    But, if the fix from my site works, then...sweet! :lol:

    Hey, if it's at all possible, you might want to try Eudora. I love how it's more robust, powerful, and stable.


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