16bit MS-DOS Subsystem ERROR

Hey guys sorry if this is in the wrong section but Im encountering a very annoying error message and Im hoping someone can help me out here..

Im running windows 7 and every 10 minutes or so I get the following error message pop up.

16 bit ms-dos subsystem c:\progra~1\msanti~1 servic~1.exe the NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction cs:0e0e IP: 01a8 OP:63 6f 6e 7465

I am not super computer savvy but I kind of know what Im doing. A little bit of research shows that errors like this are usually unique to every computer so I couldnt really track down an answer.. Please help! this is an extremely annoying pop-up that minimises games and programs every few minutes and even piles up (multiple open windows - in the same spot) if I leave the PC on for an extended period of time.

Once again I apologize if this isnt in the right section.
Let me know if I need to add any more info! Thanks.
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  1. So you are running Microsoft Security Essentials in a VM or what?
  2. Yeahhhh I have no clue what that means..
  3. Ahhh, sorry! 16 bit ms-dos subsystem c:\progra~1\msanti~1 servic~1.exe the NTVDM CPU:
    NTVDM is the process for a virtual machine and c:\progra~1\msanti~1 sounds like the MS Security Essentials.

    I suggest following this article to find out witch program causes the error:

    It's basically around using msconfig.exe to go through the startup items and figure out witch one causes the problem.
  4. This error is nearly always caused by malware being installed on your computer, search your computer for any of the following files


    If you find any of these then you are infected, even if you don't find these files you are probably infected. Download and run the free version of Malwarebytes anti-virus software and perform a full scan. The free version of Malwarebytes can be run along side your current anti-virus software as it is non resident.
  5. I will do this ^ and report back with results.
  6. Okay well I did all this including a full system scan and it didnt show anything..
    Next step?
  7. Anybody? This popup is getting really annoying and I have no idea what to do, please help?
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