Windows failed to start.


Here is my story, I hope you can help:

I was gaming one morning. My nephew was watching me, I went to use the rest room. I come back and he had spilled his juice inside my machine. I lost video and the fan on my brand new 7770 was stuck on max rpm. I turned everything off, took out the gpu, cleaned it, let it dry. Let the rest of the computer dry. I reinstalled the GPU and turned on my machine. The fan was no longer stuck on max RPM, so I felt I dodged a bullet. However, windows failed to start. It continually fails to start. I tried an older GPU (9500 GT). The fan on it would, for some reason, not spin, but I saw the model come up when I started the PC. Windows wont start. Initially I believed my problem was limited to a shorted GPU and I don't mind buying another new one, but since I was unable to get my old GPU to work I'm worried something else has shorted.

Please, for the love of all that is sacred, someone help me.
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  1. Does windows attempt to start? Do you see the Windows logo? Any error message?

    You may have more than one problem if changing the graphics card has no effect.
  2. noise said:
    Does windows attempt to start? Do you see the Windows logo? Any error message?

    You may have more than one problem if changing the graphics card has no effect.

    I believe Windows attempts to start, yes. The logo animation begins but quickly stops. Then the machine reboots and I see "Windows failed to start" etc etc and the system repair tool is unable to fix anything. The only error messages I see are the "failed to start" and the "system repair cannot fix the problem." There is more information I can get, I'll just need to hook it up again.
  3. Anyone else? Getting desperate here. Did I short the CPU or Motherboard? Should I attempt removing them and cleaning them?
  4. i would start with taking the motherboard out of the computer and testing it with only the memory installed, no HDD's or cards in any of the PCIe slots - and see if you can enter BIOS

    if you can, then see if you can boot into normal windows or safe mode

    if you can only boot into safe mode, then you know a driver malfunctioned and i would suggest you uninstall the video drivers while in save mode and see if that helps you boot normally into windows
  5. I will admit I am a novice when it comes to assembling a computer from start to finish. By novice I mean I've literally never done it, once. I feel comfortable taking out the RAM and the GPU, but I'm hesitant when it comes to anything else. I don't have a choice at this point, though, so I will take these things apart, clean them better, let them dry. When I start the machine the Windows 7 boot animation begins to play but quickly stops and the machine re-boots. Then I see the "Windows 7 failed to start. A recent hardware or software change may be the cause." and from there it tries system repair but fails every time.

    I can enter BIOS as it sits, with the GPU in, etc. Is there a difference between changing the primary display to integrated graphics and removing the GPU altogether? I don't mind removing the GPU, but is it the same concept? Seeing where I can get without it?
  6. well, it's obvious the liquid shorted something somewhere, it's up to you to find out what, through a series of least common denominator points - after your explanation it seems if you take out the GPU and can boot normally into windows, it may be the actual card - you should uninstall the drivers for it after you have no issues normally booting, and then treat it like a fresh new install of the GPU and see if it works
  7. I have taken out the GPU. I cleaned it and let it dry a few times before re-installing it and trying to run it again. I have not tried to boot Windows with it uninstalled, but I have tried to run the PC with a different card installed. I am using that card right now. I'm suspicious if it is even the GPU and instead maybe the motherboard or CPU has residue on the PCB? I am open to any suggestions, thank you for your input.
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