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Memory Module Probleme

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August 14, 2004 2:56:39 AM

When i try to upgrate my Memory from 2x256 in dual channel to 4x256, I encounter a probleme. I have two Kingston KVR 400Mhz DDR no-ECC 512MB kit (KVR400X64C3AK2/512). They are Single Side. So one of my kit was already on my motherboard placed in Dual channel in DIMM1 and in DIMM3. All was working properly and after some time, I bought my second kit. I take the recommended precaution (unplug AC cable, touch a ground unpaint metal object) and I install my second kit. I put the two other memory module in DIMM2 and in DIMM4. After repluging the AC cable, I start my PC. I saw that the motherboard detect the new memory with the memory test. Instead of displaying the windows loadind screen, I've got a black screen. So I Uninstal my old memory and remplace it with my new one and that was working perfectly; so it's not a defective memory module. I install one of my old memory module in DIMM2 and try to boot; it's work. When I try to boot with the other old memory module put in the DIMM4 with the last configuration, the boot stop after the memory test, no error message, no bip error message, just the startup screen jam there. I try to enter in the bios and nothing. I retry to boot and the samething append. After I try to uninstall the memory in DIMM2 so I can know if it's a Memory slot disfunction but the it wasn't a slot probleme because my PC start normaly with 768 MB of RAM. Is it a defective motherboard of what? (I did not encounter probleme with my motherboard since I bought it, 2 month ago)

*AMD Athlon XP 2500+ overcloaked at 3200+
*Kingston 3*256MB DDR400 Dual Channel
*Win XP Pro SP1
*M/B Model Name : <A HREF="" target="_new">GA-7N400-L</A>
*M/B Rev : 1.0
*BIOS Ver : Award v6.00 F10
*Lg GSA-4082b Multi Recorder
*Maxtor 80 GB Liquid

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August 14, 2004 1:37:45 PM

"If memories are inserted in dimm3 and dimm4 at the same time, please note that the memories must be exactly identical in device, type, size and single side. This is essential to let system boot up properly."

Put a single sided pair(exactly same, as quoted from manual) in 3 and 4. Put other pair in one and two. Manual makes this clear, even has diagrams to show it.