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I have a new Toshiba and I just got it today & I set everything up. I am connected to a WiFi connection & I can go on Interne Explorer but when I try to click on any Apps on my Start screen, it always says I am disconnected from the internet. Yet Internet Explorer works just fine. What did I do or what should I do? Because I'm definitely connected. Its only when I try to click on any of the Toshiba Apps on the Start screen. (Such as Mail, the App store, etc. )
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  1. Your mail on the start screen has to be connected to your mail client that you have , so there are settings that you have to make in the setup of that mail app.
    The app store will also have to be set up to use internet explorer so that when you click on it the app knows how to connect to the internet.
    Was there any cd's that came with the laptop for setting up these things ? If there were no cd's then you will have a my toshiba app on the screen or in the start menu.
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