HELP !!!! Digital Camera Problem needs solving!!

Hi wonder if any kind soul can help me!! I downloaded all my photos from my sony to my laptop but my laptop will not allow me to log onto the internet (the hard drive is on the way out)! What I was wondering is there something I can buy that can reverse the download of photos as I can still see them on the view finder but I cant do anything with them .. i.e. can I get a card or something where I can just send the photos back to if you know what I mean x any help would be much appreciated as they are photos which were taken at a recent wedding where my kid was flower girl xx please any ideas xx
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  1. Ever heard of USB Drive? or Flash Drive for that matter.
  2. Hey yes I have heard of them both ... is it a clue!! To download my camera I use the usb in the back so can I put them back on using that!!?? Thanks for your response x
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