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Hey Friends......Today i am going to start some discussion about the extensive utilization of computing devices......which are highly effected in these days and you can see almost everyone around you have a craze of these handy gadgets. The touch ipads and tablets are most poplar because these are coming with enormous miraculous features and highly ease of using. You can take or get all the advantages of your home PC or laptop by using them these are also facilitates the users according to his desire and demand....Please share with me what you say about it.
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  1. While all those devices are great, they are on the way to creating a very huge line between the people who create and those who consume. With a PC, it's easy to do work on to actually make something. Video editing, programming, etc... A tablet is used to stare at, or play simple games on, much like a TV set.

    This is starting to remind me of the book and movie The Time Machine. Those that use tablets will be the ones living in the sun and flowers unaware of the work that goes on bellow ground to get all of this amazing tech to them. Till they realize that they are basically cows handing over money to those that do the actual work.
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