I installed AOL and it messed up .Now I can conect to the internet,but thats it can not surf or send mail etc. This is the same for all my other ISP's.
Have tried to re install explorer and windows,but no luck. In ctrl-alt-delete it shows -- can not find sever explorer.DNS error.
Can any one help? I do not want to formt C and start again if at all possible
Also removed all internet conections and put back manualy,with no change
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  1. I'd call AOL. Only they know how their crappy software works.
  2. I personally avoid AOHell like the plague. Who knows what the hell their wacky software is doing to your PC? But you can call them and see if they can help. You never know, anything's possible. :-)

    I always advise everyone I know to sign up with a good ISP or try to get broadband (Cable or DSL) if you can in your area, and kiss AOHell goodbye!

    Goos Luck.

    "There's no such thing as gravity, the Earth just sucks"
  3. Uh, obviously I meant "Good Luck".

    I'm not sure if "Goose Luck" is good or bad.


    "There's no such thing as gravity, the Earth just sucks"
  4. You will need to copy any access number or other settings like that.
    Remove communications from the windows setup then go into network properties
    remove everything in there and reboot the the communications and reboot.

    Then add any other network settings in networks and ( of course ) reboot :-)

    Make your connectiods in dialup networking and it should
    If not let me know some other info like which browser etc.

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