My work is Sucks and want to fire boss

I am a office clerk I've been doing this work for 5 years.

Every day is a same work, same company,same people, same salary etc.

Every day is a same day.

Copied yesterday and pasted today.

What shall I do?

My life is ruined ,work is boring.

I want to start a new work, but I am not good at it.

I really want to fire the Boss.

What's you work ?

Do you like it?
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  1. Most of the work is boring.If the salary is good, i think i will continue.
  2. Try putting feng shui circle around your cubicle.
  3. Some get to be in the job of their dreams but most (eventually) end up in jobs that become a routine so i dun think one's life in ruined - just find a life outside work :P
  4. I love my job most of the time. Right now it's getting a little tiresome but between the beginning of October and now I've had 1 day off. That's the life of an oilfield mechanic though. It's a fun job, challenging though. I'll regularly travel 800km+ each way to sites up the ice roads in Northern B.C. and Alberta for repairs to equipment.
    When I graduated high school I got a job with Coca Cola and 2 years in felt the same way you did. I would have stuck with it and kept feeling my life was nothing until they laid my off 3 days before christmas, no joke. I found this job and have never looked back. Looking back I realise that I needed something to push me out of my element to find what I needed and I think you need that too. Maybe if you can handle the cold look to move to Alberta here. We have a serious labour shortage, estimates are 100,000 vacant jobs, and the pay is pretty good. I've helped 5 friends move up here and they all love it.
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