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Palm desktop equiv for windows 7

Last response: in Cell Phones & Smartphones
May 3, 2011 6:39:53 PM

I have been looking for a way to move off of Palm.
I have used their devices and the Palm desktop for 10+ years.
Needless to say, I have lots of data I do not want to lose.

Weeks of research has found a few products that are similar but
often lack one part of the puzzle. I need Contacts, Calendar, amd Memos.
I would like to have a non Outlook, non iTunes desktop that will sync
with a smart phone such as an Android based device.

To date I have found these helpful, but not a substitute for Palm...

WinPIM - Works but often duplicates entires on both the desktop
and device. Also dumps all categories into one bucket. I am still
not confident in this product enoughto totally switch.

Easy to move Palm Memos and Contacts as csv files (do one category at a time)
Does NOT have a Calendar

Looks promising, but need to do more research.

Time & Chaos
Syncs to website then to phone. I do not like the
idea of my info floating around in Cyberspace.
I want to sync directly to my device.

These are a few.

Does anyone else have another option ?

Thanks, Gregg
September 9, 2011 12:34:22 PM

I don't have any ideas to add, other than to say that I cannot believe that no-one in software land has yet come up with a replacement. HP has turned off support for colour on calendar, which seems to show they don't care too much about the user community.. Anyhow thanks for posting and good luck finding the after-palm answer..

August 1, 2012 3:52:39 PM

Missing Sync for Palm is the best replacement to Palm desktop and supports Windows 7
November 7, 2012 7:36:32 AM

I'm in exactly the same boat - used Palm desktop for about 10 years (even after I'd stopped using the handheld) but upon the upgrade to the excellent WIN7 it's all gone a bit slugy (is that a word?), and "New Memo" has stopped working completely.

Old bugger that I am (56) I quite like 'older' software - finding the extra bells & whistles of newer stuff mere clutter and fashion.

Thanks for the info, keep looking?
Steve Evans (UK) BLOG: