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I'm attempting to create a Windows 7 System Image on my Toshiba Satellite L300 from the C drive to the DVD drive on WinData DVD-R dvds. I get the following error message.

"The operation failed due to a device error encountered with either the source or the destination. If the source or destination volume is on a disk, run CHKDSK /R on the source or destination volume, and then retry the operation. (0x8078012D)

Additional Information:
The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error. (0x8007045D)"

I do have administrative rights when I am executing the files... though, when I do this (CHKDSK /R)- it indicates its in use by another process... It will be checked the next time it is started..

I have attempted utilization of about 6 DVDs and one was a DVD+ so, I do not believe it is the DVDs I am using. Im thinking something must be corrupt and I even purchased FIXIT and it is not doing it...

I would like to create a new system image as I have added additional programs to the computer and I typically attempt to do a 'virgin' image before I add back m data... I keep all my data in my profile. and copy it to an external USB... then I take my previous system image - add the programs... do another system image and restore my data from the usb... so is my previous image bad?

Many thanks for your help and assistance. I didn't know whether to find a forum for windows or for Hardware... I will even request someone (remote assist)to look at my system - but I have a verrrrrry slow internet connection. Thanks again.
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  1. On OEM machines, as i assume your Toshiba is. There should be a factory supplied program to create these discs. They backup all your default factory data, usually 4 dvds worth. If you do not have that installed,
  2. Thank you for your response.

    When I purchased it; I got XP... then - I got 7-Ultimate to learn that for work and have been using that... so, I am using my 7 system image.

    The chkdsk utility did find 2 files:
    As being bad on 2 different sectors... thus far, the new image creation is going well. It took awhile for the chkdsk to complete. I'm crossing my fingers.

    Thank you for your quick response.

    Kind Regards.
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