Would fresh install be the best choice.

Just built my first rig about a month ago. I first wanted to install windows 7 64 bit on my 1tb hdd but a message came up that it wasn't bootable for some reason, Why would this be? So then I installed on the 64gb SSD that I just wanted for games and mods and went smoothly.Now this is fine by me, but but with 64gb of space I'm running out. Only have 2.5 gb left or so. Some programs like steam have no directory where to have games installed. This was very frustrated when I bougtht skyrim. But some how got around it.

I really dont wan't to have go through that again. So I want to have th OS on my 1tb hdd. I've read that a fresh install would be the way to go but don't have any idea what I'd be getting into if I do so. I have games and programes installed on both drives like BF3, FO3, nexus mod manager. If I did a fresh install what would all happen to those. Would re download games and re install programs?

Sorry If this has been posted before but only cound find a few threads on the web and still don't know what Im getting into If did a fresh install of windows 7. Im a super noob as this is my very first i've ever owned and would really appreciate if someone could give a quick summary of the whole process.
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  1. The 1 Tb drive is to store your personal files, pictures, videos, music..
    The smaller drive is to install OS and applications only.
    You do not want your OS on a large drive, it's too slow.
    The OS drive should be a small fast drive, and set the bios to boot this drive first.
    Don't mix your personal files to the OS drive.
    The smaller drive is better for the OS, the whole thing will run faster.

    If you have games and you want to run fast, dedicate a fast drive to games only.
    I prefer 70 GB WD Velociraptor which is 2-1/2" 10,000 RPM. And it's noticeably faster.
  2. Well, I do like the fact that it can go from the pc being off to playing skyrim in roughly 30 seconds. But I really don't want to have the same problems that i had with steam again. I could live with it being a little slower.
  3. Good advice from soundguruman, use your SSD for your OS and most favourite games, and a fast HDD for everything else. Read this article to set up your SSD for maximum efficiency and space saving.
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