Difference between laptop and desktop LCD

I have been using laptops for a few years and I am planning to buy LCD for my desktop computer. Is there a difference in quality between the screens?
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  1. Likely. Most laptops have cheapo TN panels. There are also cheap TN panels in desktops, but there are also higher quality ones, too.
  2. I keep seeing reference to "Cheap TN Panels" . How do I know which ones have cheap panels and good panels? Is there a FAQ in this section?? LOL I'm looking for a good widescreen monitor. I can do 20 inch but would prefer 22 inch! What do I look for in the specs ppage to make sure I don't get a cheap screen?

  3. Nearly all of the 20" and 22" widescreen LCDs have cheap TN panels. Two which come to mind which do not have TN panels are the Samsung 215TW and NEC 20WMGX2.

    If you're primarily concerned about gaming, you'll probably want one with TN.... they have faster response times.
  4. Kewl!! Finally some good news!! LOL
    I was looking at the Samsung 225BW
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