Getting a Madcatz 360 gamepad to work on laptop

So I'm trying to get this thing working; but I cannot find drivers anywhere. It is one of those Gamestop 3rd party controllers for the Xbox360, and I have seen these working on computers before.

The model number on the back is Item #4716 Gamepad. There are no drivers on the madcatz website; and yeah I know I could just as easily go out and buy Microsoft's 360 controller for Windows, but I'm a little light on money and I'm trying to get what I have working. You'd figure it's a USB device so it would work, but hey; nothing's perfect!
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  1. Windows 7 does have a few gamepad drivers built-in, but only the most popular ones which are officially designed for Windows. If the manufacturer hasn't released drivers for it, it's unlikely you'll find them anywhere else.
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