Why some folders cannot be deleted in mobile phones

My mobile phone is 5530 Nokia express music. When I delete a music folder ( an album) , only the content is deleted and the folder remains and I can not delete it at all. so there are many empty folders in my " albums". What should I do ?
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  1. It appears that you need an app for that. I found this here
    which says
    "Android File Management
    All right, so you have your data on your phone or tablet. Now you just need a reliable tool to help you explore the files.

    An excellent tool for accessing and managing data is Astro File Manager (free with ads, or $3.99 for an ad-free "pro" edition). This simple yet robust utility gives you a Windows-style view of all the folders, files, and documents on your phone. Whether it's a word-processor document, a photo, or a music file, you can get quick in-menu previews of a file's contents, or tap the item to launch the file in your preferred application.

    In Astro's menu bar, you'll find options that let you move, copy, rename, or delete files. Tap the Multi option, and you can select multiple files or folders to work with. Astro can even zip and unzip files--a function that frequently comes in handy when working away from the office.

    For tablet users, File Manager HD is another good option; its functionality is similar to Astro's, and it's optimized to take full advantage of the additional space on the tablet display."

    Hope it helps
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