Asus G1S with upgraded hdd runs blistering hot

Hello guysand girls, I have a Asus G1S and upgraded the stock hitachi 120gb hdd to a bigger 250gb Seagate Momentus 7200.2 hdd, well this hdd burns up after running for a little, I don't know if its the design of the pc ot the hdd that is itself defective.

I am running vista and the system runs ok, but things like windows updates take litterally 3 hours to complete, I used to work on probably 10-15 laptops a day with lower specs than this G1S and they did not take anywhere as long as this does.

the Laptop overall runs Very hot not on a bed or anything on a flat level counter with plenty of clearance, the fan is working.

would replacing the thermal paste on the gpu and cpu be a good start? (I am fully aware that this voids any warranties, and I am very comfortable with my skill level to do this).

any suggestions would be nice, I ran diagnostics tests on the hdd and everything passes, the laptop itself doesnt shutdown from overheating, but after running for about 30min the keyboard is hot, the bottom of the pc is very hot, and the cover of the hdd which is aluminum is almost too hot to touch.

thanks in advance.

BTW: i cleaned out the dust and everything wasnt much in there.
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  1. well I went ahead and replaced the cpu thermal paste with something alot better, when I opened the lid up I noticed there was still like hairs and dust caked up between the copper heat pipes and the fan (which apparently can withstand 120psi...).

    so I cleaned the dust out and redid the paste which was all dried out and chunky put in some new MX-2.
    ill monitor the cpu to see if it runs any better.

    as far as the hdd running hot, I have been reading reviews on the hdd and there arent compliants about the hdd, so I looked at the design of the motherboard and noticed the 8600M GT sits right next to and slightly above the hdd with 1 heat pipe leading from it, can this be the cause of the hot hdd? and would redoing the paste on the gpu and its ram modules help transfer heat from that area a little bit better? or it won't make much difference?
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