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Any help out there on older house telephone wiring?? I have 4 seperate wires/small cables coming from the junction box into the house: BLACK RED BLUE and WHITE. But all the RJ phone wall plates I find in the shops are BLACK RED GREEN and YELLOW. I have looked at numerous websites but no-one seems to have this combination of colours. They have BLUE with a White stripe cable or WHITE with a BLUE stripe cables. Mine are as above - just simple colours. Any help. I'm a single mum and don't want to pay Telstra $200 to come out to connect these "seem what" simple wires to hook up my phone and internet?? Or am I dreaming and need to pay? Any help would be much appreciated
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  1. You can try a Google search for the telephone codes for the country that you live in. I live in the US and the wires that are used for the telephone connection are just two , red and green and if there are a second pair then that's usually a spare set or for a second line.
    I don't know what the code is in Australia but if you Google , "telstra wiring colour code" and look for the "pdf" link for two wire instillation and click on it , on section 9 it says to use the red and white wires. So you can look at the whole pdf file and get a feel for how to connect your phone. Plus there are other helpful links that will come up that you can look at.
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