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Just switched to LCD, movie quality bad :(

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
May 19, 2005 8:21:57 AM

Just made the big leap from CRT to LCD - 19" LG L1910B(K). The resolution is set to 1280x1024@60Hz and LCD panel is connected via DVI to video input.

Everything works great except when I watch DVD movies or AVI. The movies quality appears very granulated with squarish artifacts. For example while watching a movie like "The Matrix," objects like walls or people's faces appear chunky and not-smooth. Also, the color depth and quality seem poor. It's almost as if you were watching TV through an old antenna.

I'm watching DVD media through both InterwinDVD 4 and PowerDVD 5 and same problems appear for both players. With AVI or other media, I'm using VLC media player . The only thing that seems to help within VLC is if I turn on "post processing" to max, but even then the quality looks poor-average.

The LCD itself i believe is an S-IPS matrix. Running win2k and the video card is an MSI GeFORCE NX6600GT. The DVD-ROM drive is an GSA-4161BB 16X. Videos are running via fullscreen mode. I believe UDMA33 is turned on for the DVD drive.

Is this issue a configurational error (drivers? hardware acceleration?) or just what's standard and expected for LCD type displays? Perhaps the LCD is crappy? I payed decent bucks for it, I hope that's not the case or I'm considering an exchange.

Any tips? Thanks.
May 19, 2005 9:32:08 AM

What CPU and Video card are you using? Also how much RAM is installed?
Should not be the monitor at fault, that one has a 12ms response.

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May 19, 2005 2:17:49 PM

Does it do the same when its connected via Analog Sub15?

And doesn't the display have a specific driver, or are you using the windows pnp driver?
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May 19, 2005 2:37:31 PM

The color depth and quality being poor is a somewhat subjective thing, and it can be either a fault of the monitor or something that's perfectly fixable via the settings (depending on the exact nature of the problem). Granulation or squarish artifacts though is not a defect or a setting of the monitor, but probably has to do with either the driver, video card, or video compression (a video file that's meant for 320 x 240 is going to look blocky when blown up to 1080 x 960). Simply put, the monitor's size and/or resolution are too high for the other components to generate a good image at current settings. Unfortunately I don't know much about drivers and video cards, but that should give you some input as to where to go from here.

Chuck Hsiao
May 21, 2005 4:20:06 PM

I having a similar problem & I noticed we have the same type video card, (gigabyte 6600GT, 8x AGP)

I have a P4 845e 2.6g 800fsb, Asus P4PE-X 4xAGP. I do on-line gaming (WoW) and wanted to up-grade from Fx5200 to 6600gt. Just after that I ordered a Samsung 710N & ditched my 19"CRT. 710N was top on PCworld & Pricegrabber.

Much grainier. Particlurly noticeable on the desktop, icon tray, text docs, etc. The Excel & Word desktop icons and MediaPlayer visualizations are awful. Colors look good & brightness is great. I have the driver that's on the gigabyte website loaded, 6681 (with was packaged with the monitor also) I've tryed setting AA AF & quality to max. And adjusting the course & fine settings on the monitor. :-/
No help.

I took my PC to my brothers place & it has the same problem on his Aopen LCD so I fairly certain it's not the 710N.

Any ideas?

ps, am having some lockups, could being under-powered cause graininess?!?

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May 21, 2005 8:02:28 PM

Resolution is probably way to high.

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May 23, 2005 5:45:16 PM

Na, res was ok (native 1280x1024) I read around and found I needed to; right click desktop/properties/appereance tab/effects button/cleartext from drop down.

That and setting AA AF on high make it almost look as good as my CRT
May 24, 2005 11:46:27 AM

have you tried upping the refresh rate from 60Hz to 75HZ? Also have you tried to tick/untick the 'enable hardeware Acceleration' settings On PowerDVD? I have a Cheap LCD monitor and movies play fine with no problem