Just switched to LCD, movie quality bad :(

Just made the big leap from CRT to LCD - 19" LG L1910B(K). The resolution is set to 1280x1024@60Hz and LCD panel is connected via DVI to video input.

Everything works great except when I watch DVD movies or AVI. The movies quality appears very granulated with squarish artifacts. For example while watching a movie like "The Matrix," objects like walls or people's faces appear chunky and not-smooth. Also, the color depth and quality seem poor. It's almost as if you were watching TV through an old antenna.

I'm watching DVD media through both InterwinDVD 4 and PowerDVD 5 and same problems appear for both players. With AVI or other media, I'm using VLC media player . The only thing that seems to help within VLC is if I turn on "post processing" to max, but even then the quality looks poor-average.

The LCD itself i believe is an S-IPS matrix. Running win2k and the video card is an MSI GeFORCE NX6600GT. The DVD-ROM drive is an GSA-4161BB 16X. Videos are running via fullscreen mode. I believe UDMA33 is turned on for the DVD drive.

Is this issue a configurational error (drivers? hardware acceleration?) or just what's standard and expected for LCD type displays? Perhaps the LCD is crappy? I payed decent bucks for it, I hope that's not the case or I'm considering an exchange.

Any tips? Thanks.
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  1. What CPU and Video card are you using? Also how much RAM is installed?
    Should not be the monitor at fault, that one has a 12ms response.

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  2. Does it do the same when its connected via Analog Sub15?

    And doesn't the display have a specific driver, or are you using the windows pnp driver?
  3. The color depth and quality being poor is a somewhat subjective thing, and it can be either a fault of the monitor or something that's perfectly fixable via the settings (depending on the exact nature of the problem). Granulation or squarish artifacts though is not a defect or a setting of the monitor, but probably has to do with either the driver, video card, or video compression (a video file that's meant for 320 x 240 is going to look blocky when blown up to 1080 x 960). Simply put, the monitor's size and/or resolution are too high for the other components to generate a good image at current settings. Unfortunately I don't know much about drivers and video cards, but that should give you some input as to where to go from here.

    Chuck Hsiao
  4. I having a similar problem & I noticed we have the same type video card, (gigabyte 6600GT, 8x AGP)

    I have a P4 845e 2.6g 800fsb, Asus P4PE-X 4xAGP. I do on-line gaming (WoW) and wanted to up-grade from Fx5200 to 6600gt. Just after that I ordered a Samsung 710N & ditched my 19"CRT. 710N was top on PCworld & Pricegrabber.

    Much grainier. Particlurly noticeable on the desktop, icon tray, text docs, etc. The Excel & Word desktop icons and MediaPlayer visualizations are awful. Colors look good & brightness is great. I have the driver that's on the gigabyte website loaded, 6681 (with was packaged with the monitor also) I've tryed setting AA AF & quality to max. And adjusting the course & fine settings on the monitor. :-/
    No help.

    I took my PC to my brothers place & it has the same problem on his Aopen LCD so I fairly certain it's not the 710N.

    Any ideas?

    ps, am having some lockups, could being under-powered cause graininess?!?

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  5. Resolution is probably way to high.

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  6. Na, res was ok (native 1280x1024) I read around and found I needed to; right click desktop/properties/appereance tab/effects button/cleartext from drop down.

    That and setting AA AF on high make it almost look as good as my CRT
  7. have you tried upping the refresh rate from 60Hz to 75HZ? Also have you tried to tick/untick the 'enable hardeware Acceleration' settings On PowerDVD? I have a Cheap LCD monitor and movies play fine with no problem
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