Whats the best pad?

Thinking ahead to christmas and wanting to do some research on pads. Pluses and minuses of like kindle fire vs droid pad vs ipad. I really want to stay clear of the ipad but am willing to listen to arguments either way.

I think i may prefer the freedom of a droid pad.

Looking for something about the size of an ipad. Other than that i dont really know much about them.

It would mainly be for entertainment/fun and it would only be wifi not 3g/4g i am thinking. Unless the 3g would be free after buying the device.

Looking to spend 200 to 300$
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  1. It's good that you are planning that far ahead but unfortunately any information we give now will probably be so outdated by then as to be near worthless. I would suggest looking at what is available and the features that you like. Make a list of those features. Then, in about mid October, ask again, this time list those features you desire (if you haven't narrowed it down yourself by then), you should get plenty of recommendations I would think.
  2. losse said:
    Unless the 3g would be free after buying the device
    It's like a 'free phone' from the wireless companies. The phone is 'free' but you have to pay for the monthly wireless service / data plan.
  3. I'm leaning towards the nexus 7, someone suggested it over on the steam hardware forum.
  4. It could be a good option but it's not been released and there are no in-depth reviews on it yet.
  5. The pad market just started, so we don't really have any in-depth reviews and honest opinions. So for now we need to rely on brand I think and I would prefer Apple since it's a huge company. I heard Sammy's galaxy or LG's optimus was really good too. You might need to check them out.
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