Need pfussorgproperty.dll scan snap manager

I need "pfussorgproperty.dll" to run ScanSnap Manager for my old fujitsu ScanSnap scanner fi-5110EOX. This program ran perfectly on Windows XP on my 9 year old PC.

I am attempting to install the program on Windows 7 Home Premium, running on a Lenovo H330 i5 with 8 GB RAM. I have the old disks, but cnnot open the cab files independently to see if the file is there. I've installed and uninstalled the old progams without the file appearing.

I have downloaded installed and reinstalled the new program and updates from fujitsu, but this file does not appear. There is no information on the web site about this file and no telephone number to call for support either. Search of the fujitsu site does not produce the file or information about it.

When I try to start the Scan Snap Manager, I get an error message indicating that the above file is needed. When I turn the scanner on and try to run a document through it, the document runs through and then I get a message indicating that the above file is needed.

Can you help?? I'll be happy to download the file if anyone knows where I can find it. Or maybe someone could send it as an email attachment?

Sue B
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