Should I buy a 10,000 RPM or 7,200 RPM drives

I am purchasing the MSI NEO 2 PLatinum. I would like to set up two drives for GAMING. This will be a gaming computer. First is there a significant difference in 10,000 RPM to 7,200 drives? Is there a review on this?

Next question is which drives are the best?

Final Question is which RAID should I go with on this new GAMING rig?


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  1. 1. You won't notice the difference between 10k rpm and 7200 rpm drives IN the games. Hard drives do absolutely nothing for your frame rate. They do help with level loading, but this is a relatively minor part in the gaming experience, so spend accordingly.

    2. Hitachi, Seagate and WD are all very very good drives. I'd recommend any of them.

    3. Don't use RAID for a gaming rig. Check out in the storage section to see exactly what I'm talking about.

    4. I have a 74 GB raptor drive as my system drive and a 120 GB WD SATA drive for my data. It works very very well. I would highly recommend a similar setup. Go with a 74 GB 10k rpm raptor by WD as your system drive and then a large 7200 rpm drive (200 GB is a good price right now) for your data. I like SATA just cause :)

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  2. Ok what is the best buy now!
  3. How much money do you want to spend?

    74 GB Raptor - $177
    36 GB Raptor - $112

    250 GB WD SATA 7200 rpm - $159
    160 GB Hitachi SATA - $106

    If you can, the best idea is to pick one from the top two drives and one from the bottom two drives. If not, just go for the single 250 GB WD drive.

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  4. I agree with Silverpig, a 10k RPM drive for a boot drive and then a 7200 RPM drive for data and backup stuff.

    Currently I am running a Raptor 36gig drive and a 7200 RPM 80 gig for backup and data. This seems to work well, and would recommend doing something similar on your computer.

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