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I'm about to make the jump from my 22" CRT to LCD and have one question regarding gaming with LCDs

If I were to chose between a 24" and a 20-21" LCD... what would be better knowing that my video card won't be able to drive the 24" at native resolution? Would you prefer a 20" at native or the 24" below native?

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  1. Perhaps dual 20.1" 4:3 ratio monitors?
  2. Quote:
    Perhaps dual 20.1" 4:3 ratio monitors?

    I wouldn't like the split in the middle. I'd rather have only one monitor

    Would you prefer a 20-21" (1680x1050) widescreen running native resolution or a 24" (1900x1200) running at 1680x1050?

  3. For desktop - native, ie the smaller one (actually dual screen would be best for desktop use even with the split).
    For games - the larger size.
    For movies - the larger size.
  4. Thanks

    For desktop, even a normal video card would be able to run the larger monitor in native mode. Non-native mode applied only to games where the GPU might not be able to run the larger screen in native mode.
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