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recently i have been looking for a $200 replacement for my ipod, and i narrowed it down to 2 choices, the nexus 7 and the Ipod. i am not an apple fanboy and a will buy google but the ipod is a pretty good device in my experience, and the nexus 7 is new and i have never tried Android. I will be using the tablet for normally listening to music playing games watching videos and going on the web when i am away. Please no Ipad recommendations i don't have the money.
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    Nexus 7 is looking just down right impressive.
    Google's Nexus 7 review

    Keep in mind that Amazon is about to push out an updated Kindle Fire too.

    Even Apple might come to play in a 7" near $200 model

    If you're buying in the very near future the Nexus 7 is looking like your best option.
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  3. nexus 7 is best
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