Why is chrome so hard to configure? How can I configrure it?

Right now, I'm trying to switch from Waterfox to Chrome for a while. While Waterfox was very fast, Chrome is miles better on the "initial handshake" phase. (DNS lookup perhaps?)

But now I'm getting irritated pretty quickly with google's browser. I'm very picky about what files are installed where, and I see almost no customization in chrome. Not only that, it keeps treating itself as an operating system.

But here's what I'm trying to do:

-Configure WHERE chrome installs. Preferably, I would like to install it on my RAM drive. But at the very least, I would like to simply install it to C:\Programs instead of C:\Users\Documents\Other app data\RandomFolder\SpecificFolder\AlmostThere\loljustkidding\2foldersleft\nowyourehere\chrome.

-Next, I would like to place ALL disk cache on the RAM drive, and delete it upon exit.

-Then, I would like it to remember passwords, but not browsing history, form data, images, cookies, or basically anything else.

Waterfox/Firefox had ALL of these options pretty easily available and a ton more (a la "about:config" variables, which blows chrome into geosynchronous orbit.). Chrome has basically NONE except cookie deletion. It's like a Mac; It assumes you're an idiot and takes control without giving you any information as to what it's doing.

Are there any extensions, tweaks I can make to give chrome even HALF the tweakability firefox/waterfox had?
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  1. You were doing so well there for a few seconds. I thought you were doing an excellent job of talking yourself out of using Chrome, but alas you are still keen on using it. Why persevere with it just to shave a few seconds off the initial loading time?
    Come back to Firefox, you know you want to!
  2. Well, I still have waterfox on the computer. I'm keeping it around. Something about it, though, gives it rather slow dns lookups or something. I'll check my bandwidth usage and nothing is happening for about 5 seconds, then suddenly everything loads in about .1 seconds. With chrome, there's basically no delay between handshaking and downloading.

    So if I can figure out why Waterfox is so much slower in this regard, that would be great.

    Edit: Doing a bit of reading about browser tweaks, I found that my max connections per server may be too high when I tweaked Firefox's about:config. That is, I'm making too many connections too quickly, so the server is rejecting them, so it has to resend tons of requests. I'll give this a try when I get home.
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