Help, need to buy a 19inch LCD for gaming

I want to buy a new 19inch lcd monitor, and the process has become exhausting. Apart from the fact that I cant find a decent computer store willing to show me a decent lcd before buying, the reviews online are just complicating the matter.

I know, there are some 8ms LCD's out there but through extensive online researching I have found the SDM-Hs95P SONY lcd to be rated the best. Described as the best 19inch LCD out there... But... it is only 12ms.
The specs insists that this is more than plenty for playing games. Does anyone know if this is true. Is 12ms enough. Does anyone know of anything better... price not a problem. Im buying a 6800ultra with it... so games games games... ridiculous... isnt it.!!
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  1. Use the force young Jedi...
    In this case master ashkon52, searhing the boards for keywords like 19", 8ms, gaming, etc. may prove useful
    I know there is a ton of info already before you....
  2. Sorry, I should answer some of your questions.
    1. Sony is best? Matter of opinion but a widely shared one.
    2. 12ms enough? Depends on the game and the graphics card - but with a 6800ultra - and a sound CPU - yes it is enough
    3. Better that 12ms? Better? don't know - Lower? yes 8ms and 4ms is on the way if not already here.
  3. Ok, I'm not an expert by any means, but my nice CRT (NEC 991FSB) died recently and CRT quality now is mostly I've been forced to get an LCD for gaming... Here is what is out there:

    1. Sony you mentioned 12ms refresh, havent seen it supposed to be nice but pretty expensive
    2. NEC with an Opticlear display...mixed reviews about glare on the display...I havent seen this one...
    3. Samsung 930b and Hyundai 90+ ....same panel both 8ms refresh rate and 6 bit color reproduction but different construction. Both have good reviews, many like the Hyundai but it is not as easy to find at retail ..the samsung can be had at compusa and staples among others which is nice for dead pixel, trying it out, etc...(930b is around $330 with rebates now and the Hyundai is the same price through online retailers w/out rebates)
    4. New Viewsonic revision of VP191b which is an 8 bit panel (better color reproduction) and still has 8ms refresh rate...looks like it could be better than the Samsung and Hyundai panels due to better colors (it's an MVA panel I think while the other two are TN if the refresh rate is good, then it should rock) (available at newegg for approx $430 - be sure to get the NEW 8MS panel)
    5. Viewsonic is introducing a NEW 4ms Panel this month VX924. It should be really fast for gaming and movies but no one knows if it will have an 8 bit or 6 bit panel?? anyone have any idea?? (sugg ret is approx $430)
    6. If you can wait longer...Samsung is supposed to introduce a 4ms panel around august timeframe....

    This is all what I have gathered in my research this week...

    I went ahead and bought a 930b locally (before I knew about the vp191b and vx924) and it is a nice monitor. Short summary of 930b in my experience:
    -no noticeable ghosting in movies or games
    -4 stuck pixels that I was able to remove with a very gentle rub using a microfiber cloth so ZERO stuck/dead pixels
    -It is really really bright! I have brightness turned down to 20 out of 100 and it is still bright--in games i also turn the gamma correction down.
    -can't adjust the stand or pivot, which seems stupid, but honestly, the default is fine...
    -it came only with an analog video connector...can anyone tell me if it is worth getting the digital connector or not?? does it make a diff and if so, what diff???
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