Dell Inspiron 4100 - Need the bottom plate!

Someone's given me a working Dell Inspiron 4100 LT (Mod: PP01L) to play with. It is missing the large bottom plate which covers the wireless card, memory racks other internals. It is also missing about a half dozen of those tiny little screws that hold the bottom of the case to the Mobo. Despite that it still works! Feisty little devil that it is...

Anyone have a good source for these kinds of "miscellaneous" parts and I might add hard-to-find parts? Not much thru Google. Hope I'm posting to the right forum.

Thanks - I'll be watching to see...
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  1. aww, i just took apart my sister's inspiron a week or so ago... I threw away all the parts though.


    oh well. I have an inspiron 4100 too, it's so sentimental, sometimes it just randomly decides it doesn't want to talk to my ipod or something, but they're good computers. i've had mine for 7 years and it's just now starting the end.
  2. i have a dell laptop i think is good.
  3. sophie00 - did you want to offer me the parts?

    Lv msg here. Thanks.
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