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A while ago my friend picked up an Raptor drive for his computer. He already had an IDE HD in the machine previously, and he wanted to be able to use both HD's at the same time. However no matter what we did or what we were told, the two drives would not work with one another. If the SATA booted up, the IDE was nowhere to be found, and vice versa.

So my question is simply, can these two different standards work at the same time? It would certainly be convenient, seeing as I'm in the process of building a file server for my home, and would like to know what future options are. Having the ability to use both SATA and IDE would be wonderful.

If anyone could tell me what they think was going on before, and whether or not using both <i>should</i> work and just didnt' in this case. I've put off getting any kind of SATA drive for just this reason.

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  1. Yeah SATA and IDE work fine together. I have three systems hear all running both SATA and IDE.

    What motherboard are you using? That might help a little more for us to actually figure out what is going on?

    Have you updated to the latest BIOS?

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  2. It's my friend's mobo, and he was using an Abit IC7-G. We did update the bios, and it still refused to work with both. It may have been an isolated incident, if they are meant to be able to work together.


    My real question was whether or not SATA and IDE really are supposed to work in tandem. My friend has one of the new 64 bit AMD CPU's and mobos waiting to install, so his part of the question isn't really an issue anymore. But thanks.
  3. you might wonna check in bios how your hard drives are set up.
    combined mode, enhanced mode, sata only, auto or disabled.
    I have a ABIT AI7 and can reach these options in the "integrated peripherals" "onchip ide device"

    To get them work together it need to be set to "enhanced mode"
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