1G(512x2) or 2G(1Gx2) for Video Editing

Hi all,
This is my first post. I want to build a system for primarily doing video editing. Upgrading a Dual PIII 600 with 384M of RAM with a MSI Neo Plat mobo and A64 3200+. Was wondering if I need 2Gig of RAM or 1G is sufficient.(Budget reasons!) Also will 2G give me a big boost in speed. Mostly use it with Adobe Premiere, Ulead MediaStudio Pro. Also I do Adobe Photoshop and Flash work.

A further question is do I really need a top of the line graphics card or should a ATI 9200 be sufficient.(budget ;) ) I can always upgrade this next year if needed.
Thanks for your help.
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  1. In video and photo editing you can never have enough ram. Performance wise it all depends on the size of the file your working with. 1gb is normally the sweet spot because the performance delta between 512mb and 1gb is greater than 1gb vs. 2gb. Also, by the time Windows loads, background tasks running and the video editing program started you really only have about 300mb of ram to work with in 512mb systems and ~700mb in 1 gb systems. Once you run out of ram you begin using virtual memory (hard drive) which is extremely slow.

    I'd do this...buy a stick of 1gb ram and run it (you don't need two because s754 athlons dont have dual channel memory controllers so 2x512mb stick will give the same performance as 1x 1gb stick.) If you find 1gb isn't cutting it then buy another gb stick (just make sure it has the same or better timings.)

    Related to the video card question, any card will do. Just get a card with two VGA or DVI ports so you can run a multi monitor set-up. Unless you plan on using real-time 3d effects in your video then don't worry about it. Also, P4's tend to be a bit faster in photoshop and video editing applications.

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  2. Thank you for your response. I will try the one stick and add the other.
    Only reason, I wanted to go with the AMD was though this is what I would like to do sometimes, I want to start playing games and use it for other things like Linux and play with 64bit computing. What do you mean by bit faster? Is it going to be significant or about 5%.

    Thanks once again.
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