How to play 32 bit games on windows 7

how to play 32 bit games on 64bit
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  1. Install the games as you would on a 32 bit system. Some 32 bit games have a 16 bit installer and these wont function as 64 bit Windows has no 16 bit support. I believe some turn to a DOS emulator in those instances.
  2. Mostly games can be run/installed right away without any tweak/setting...

    Some need to be set in compatibility mode (right click, properties, set compatibility)

    The other will need dos emulation as Wamphryi said.....
  3. Should run fine. Win64 has a 32-bit wrapper, so 99% of all Win32 software will run on Win64.

    16-bit programs, however, will NOT run. And some early Win32 programs used the 16-bit installer.
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