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General Question about Connectivity for onsite computer repairs.

Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong section, and forgive the vagueness of the title.

My objective is to get some ideas as to what people use to achieve internet connection for onsite calls that involve fixing computers.

I am a fairly new computer repair tech studying for my A+ cert and attempting to learn as much about computers as possible in the process. I'm hoping to start a very small business / hobbie fixing computers. Onsite service will be one of the options I am offering. Being fairly new and having not encountered many specific situations before, I am very inclined to think that I will, at times, need to research problems that I encounter. POST codes, STOP errors, etc. Mobo documentation etc etc.

Anyways, assuming that the client does not have internet, what would people recommend as the best options to achieve a network connection. I realize it is location based, so lets just assume that I have a relatively stable 4g connection from verizon.

I'm very curious to hear what other people do for onsite calls in situations where they're not familiar with the problem and would like to research it further without having to leave the site and come back at a later time.

My idea, considering that 99% of my on-sites will be in a city, is to use my phone as a 4g hotspot and connect a little netbook to my phone. I was thinking about supplementing my phone with a little signal booster (like a zboost) or something along those lines for situations in which I have poor reception.

I'd imagine that 90% of the internet usage I'd need would be for specific device documentation, further clarification on issues, and driver downloads.

Any ideas or feedback are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Apologizes for the atrocious grammar, I'm going on 2 hours of sleep.
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    If iI read your post correctly your going to be setting up a small buisness that is fxing computers at the customers home ?
    If this is your intent and your wanting to be able to connect a clients computer to your own service which will consist of your 4g cell phone and a netbook , you can either set your cell phone as a mobile hot spot or tethered modem. With the tethered modem option you can connect your phone to a router and then have your own private mobile network in which you can cannect a clients computer to for any downloads.
    One of the best sources for information on just about anything is to do a Google Search.
    For some really small routers for the mobile idea you can look at this web page.
  2. Thanks for the reply, I'll check out some of the options on newegg. I'm mostly just curious what configurations other people are using for onsite calls. What is the most practical / economical etc.
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