CD ROM CD-RW disappeared...

Hi. It happened all of a sudden. The Hard Drive cant see both CD ROM and CD-RW drives...I go to Device Manager and there are conflict icons next to both. I unplugged repluged both... nothing Disabled/Enabled Uninstalled. They seem to be found right after unistall but still HD cant see them. Can anyone help? thanks
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  1. Have you tried a different IDE cable? Power connections all OK? If they are on the same IDE channel, make sure on is set to Master, the other to Slave, or both set to Cable Select.

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  2. Yes. I tried a different cable. Same thing, computer recognizes (found the new hardware) the hardware but there is still conflict icon in device manager and Hard Drive doesnt see either one of them. Ive looked for latest drivers...nothing. Someone please help. Thanks.
  3. So Device Manager in windows picks them up but won't let you use them? Does your BIOS detect them?

    What motherboard do you have? This is two drives, or just one? Have you tried only using one drive at a time, and booting to see what happens? Maybe even try plugging a CD-Rom in on the same cable as the boot drive, and see what happens.

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