my laptop runs extreme hot, cpu ides at around 80 Celsius, and after playing a simple game, it goes up to 100 degrees for the gpu. Anyone else have the same problem?
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  1. Both my cpu (intel T7700 2.4G core2duo) and gpu (GeForce 8600M) push 80 Celcius when I game on my XPS M1530. My idles are around 65 Celcius. I thought this was hot but now I feel better after seeing your post david8115. I won't be overclocking until I want my lappy to go out with a bang :)
  2. My toshiba laptop was running really hot too about 70C
    Then I opened it up and saw that there was a lot of dust covering the fan
    and blocking the vent, I cleaned it out
    My cpu temp dropped down to about 40C afterwards
  3. Micropat Im pretty sure you cant OC that Laptop anyway
  4. Check for dust - that sounds too hot.
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