A10-4600m turbo core 3.0 issues

hi, i very recently bought a hp dv6z-7000 laptop with an a10-4600m 2.3ghz/3.2 with turbo core, 6 gb of ram, 600gb harddrive, 7730m graphics fairly standard apart from the cpu and gpu. The issues i'd like to ask about is the turbo core seem's to be stunted at a max of 2.7ghz and never goes beyond that to match the advertised speed of 3.2ghz, and yes i know it's based on the type of program your using is how big of a boost you seem to get but i can't seem to get the turbo core to extend beyond the cap of 2.7ghz. i'm just wondering if eventually they will add more drivers or support or perhaps something is wrong with this cpu? I'd like to thank anyone who checks this thread and to anyone that could give me an answer. Have a good day all :hello:
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  1. The only thing that comes to mind off hand here would be to check your power/performance settings in the control panel. In order to get your turbo speeds, you'll need to have "High Performance" profile selected.
    Hope it helps
  2. Try super pi. Stress 1 core and see if the CPU turbo to 3.2 GHz.
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