What Laptop Should I Buy And How?

Alright guys. I am a soon-to-be college student and I need a laptop. Currently I only have a four year old Macbook and an older Compaq Presario that has an assortment of crappy aftermarket parts in it.

Since I'm soon going to be in college, I am soon going to have no money. So this is somewhat on a budget. However I want a laptop that can play modern games well. Like Skyrim at medium-hugh settings and so on. I'd also like it to be mildly future-proof which I know is kind of tough. However, I was looking at a few MSIs a while back and they had bottom panels you could remove to replace RAM, HDs, and I think the CPU and GPU. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which MSI models those were and I can't find them anymore. Regardless, I need good suggestions. And a good source to buy from. I'm not necessarily picky. I'll go with anything as long as it is good, worth my money, and will perform well.

Thanks a lot,
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    Okay Garrett, you did ask for it... the ultimate laptop boutique builder, XoticPC with Asus, MSI, Segar/Clevo and a few others.
    I have a personal favorite there (wish I had a use for a third laptop) which is the Sager NP9150
    The MSI GT60 0NC-004US
    is a little more expensive but is a rockin' machine also.
    Both are mid to high price but worth the investment (IMO)
    Hope it helps some.
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