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I'm a TomsHardware fan and currently I'm trying to find a good LCD monitor. In fact my first!.

One of the things I first did was to search in TH for all the possible reviews about LCD's. One of the things that comes out immediately is that there aren't any thorough reviews about Apple and Dell LCD monitors.
There a lot about Samsung, LG, Viewsonic, Asus and others.
For most of the reviews the outcome is that Viewsonic has the supremacy in all-round monitors. No problem with that :)

But my question is: Where are all the Dell and Apple monitors?

From what I've read in other sites there are a lot of reviews stating the quality of image and ability to play games, no ghosting, etc .... So why not review them in TH?

Even in the TH Forun you don't see a lot of questions about Dell or Apple displays. So, does anyone agrees with the better quality of these monitors or experience says otherwise?
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  1. I use two Dell monitors and love them both. 17'' lcd and a 32'' HDTV doubling as a comp monitor. I don't experience any ghosting or other problems with either of them. I have seen the Dell 30'' gaming monster in action and it is truly beautiful. The apple cinema 30'' is supposed to be close to the Dell inn performance. Not sure about other monitors from Apple. I would go with Dell since I haven't had a poor experience with them over 3 desktops, 2 laptops, 3 monitors (one was a CRT from 1995) and an MP3 player. Their monitors seem to have less issues than their PC's.
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