To duel channel or not to duel channel???

Hi All

I've got a msi nforce 2 mobo (xkn8 ilsr so something)

Anyway I currently have one stick of corsair xms 512mb 3200 LLP and one of corsair xms 256mb 3200 LLP.

If I get another stick of corsair xms 512mb 3200 LLP would I
A)be better of using all 3 slots on my mobo and having 1280mb
B) use two stick of 512mb in duel channel mode


I play ut2k4 and a few other games online and thats about it other than (ahem!) websurfing!

Opinions and advise all gratefully received.


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  1. I would go with the dual channel anyday. My scores jump considerably when going from dual channel, to single channel.

    On my AMD XP setup, going from 1 gig single channel, to 1 gig dual channel, made my RAM scores in PCMark02 jump 500 points. (AMD 2800, PC3200 1 gig)

    On my father-in-law's system, I swapped out his motherboard for a dual channel board (Only PC2100, 512 MB, his board didint' support Dual Channel), and his scores jumped 1100 points. (AMD 2200, PC2100 512 MB)

    I don't think you are going to notice the difference between 1 gig and 1.2 gig in RAM, especially with what you are using your computer for, however, I think you will notice the dual channel.

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  2. Buy one more stick of corsair xms 256mb 3200 LLP, then use the 2x256 sticks is slots 1&2 and the 512 in slot 3. This way you get dual channel, 1Gig of RAM and you dont have to pay for a 512 stick.
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