MY PC does not show the pictures

Hi. I just bought a DELL OPTILEX w/ Windows 7 Home edition.
I click on PICTURES folder:
And the pictures, as everyone knows, area displayed in thumbnails....
well the thumbnails display the fax picture viewer logo on all ......NOT the actual picture. I only can see the actual picture when I double click on it and it does open the picture. But since for my job I need to select pictures to attach I need to be able to see the picture in the thumbnail. But I cant!
I tried changing thumbnails size to all sizes and nothing.
I tried going to My Computer, right click, properties, advance system setting, advance, settings, selecting ALL, selecting the correct one, deselecting all and still nothing. No way to display the pictures at all!
Any suggestions of help PLEASE??
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  1. Type "Folder Options" in the "search programs and files" search box.

    "View" tab

    unchecked "Always show icon, never thumbnails"
  2. WOW you're a genius rgd1101! I did that and PUM! I had all the pics! THANKS!!!!
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