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2PCs, 2Keyboards, 2 Mice and 1 Wide screen monitor

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January 23, 2007 2:03:00 PM

Hi there,

This is my first post and am a bit of a noobie.

I am looking for some clarification on how Dell's PBP (Picture by Picture) works and if you think it would suit my requirements.

My situation.
a) I am about to build a new high end PC for Games and Video editing.
b) Old PC to be used as a back up, downloading and internet access for the wife.
c) The CRT monitor on the old PC is dying, but rather than purchase 2 LCD screens and operate them both on my already clutered desk space, I wish to purchase a decent wide screen monitor.

95% of the time I will be using the new PC and widescreen monitor, but there will be ocassions were the wife will want to send an email or surf the net. In this (hopefully) rare occassion, I will be able to activiate the PBP and we can both use the wide screen monitor at the same time.

The fact that two people will be using the same screen at the same time might be a bit intrusive, but we will see.

I am considering the Dell 2407WFP or 2707WFP (The 3007WFP does not do PBP :(  )

Does anybody operate a similar setup at the minute. :oops: 

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January 23, 2007 8:45:07 PM

I am not runnig two comps on one monitor, but I can run 1 comp and watch HDTV on my Dell 32'' LCD TV. It uses the same PBP and PIP functions you want. So yes I believe you can use two comps at one time. Please note that the screen will be divided into two sections, so your screens will not look all that good. It will work if one comp is on DVI and the other is VGA or Svideo. All you have to do is enbale the PBP function and choose the input of the second image and the other comp should appear next to the first one. IMO, PBP is one of the best things to happen to monitors in a while. Being able to watch TV and surf the TG forums at the same time, wonderful!! :D