Replace Acer Aspire 751h

Hi all,

I've had my for 3 years now, and i've put it through hell. For a netbook its coped really well, especially when I've been lugging it around campus and treating it the way i have.
Unfortunately It has recently died (motherboard overheated.. my bad for leaving it on 24/7), and while its still in warranty, and currently being repaired, I thought i'd look for something new... but there doesn't seem to be anything that jumps out.

Cost is an issue, but i'm prepared to spend a little more if it drastically increases performance.
If i were to say £500 is reachable... but lower is better.

1) 11+ inch widescreen screen
2) Hinge: the thing i love about my 751h is the way that you can hold it by the screen, there's no flex in the hing or the screen, allowing true portability and one handed typing while walking. I was shocked when i did this to a macbook air and it felt like it was going to snap in half!
3)4hr+ battery life... i have some LONG lectures
4)Full size keyboard (i have big hands, and the 751h keyboard is great)
5)Processor + graphics that can cope with basic image editing (16mp +) and video editing.... minecraft etc...
6)SD card, at least 2xUSB (preferably 3.0), ethernet, head+microphone jacks, basic webcam
7)Wifi N

Right... So basically something like the 751h but more powerful...
In the dream world (and probably worth the extra £100-£200...) touch screen would be nice... not sure about the swivel screens.... but i guess the touch screen would change the way i hold it so it could work.....

any ideas?
Thanks for all your help,
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  1. I got one of my kids a Lenovo S10 netbook, very solid system. This is the new version

    One of the few netbooks that has a 11" screen, and is faster than many netbooks.
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